Forty Years At Saquish Beach

If you’ve ever envisioned yourself living or retiring in a charming beach house, surrounded by endless ocean views and the tranquility of a quaint cottage, then Forty Years At Saquish Beach: Our Impossible Dream by Connie Matuzek will surely captivate you. This remarkable memoir chronicles the family’s journey spanning over 40 years, from when the couple first met to their love affair with Saquish Beach after being invited by friends to starting a life from scratch.

Connie Matuzek’s story is one of sheer determination, as they literally built their own ocean cabin, navigated harsh environments, and overcame everyday obstacles. This book is an inspiring must-read for those who relish DIY projects and tackling challenges head-on. The authors’ passion for fishing is also a prominent feature of the book, with vivid descriptions of fishing techniques, exciting adventures on the lagoons, and photos of the sea life they caught.

Readers will be delighted to catch a glimpse of a medium-sized striped bass and be immersed in Matuzek’s joy and love for the sea. The book is also highly descriptive, offering readers an intimate glimpse into Connie’s journey. It includes pictures of the house they built and details about the Gurnet-Saquish association. It is a testament to the family’s ability to start a new life in a deserted place and eventually create a wonderful community. There are detailed descriptions of building the house and a comprehensive historical look at the community. This intriguing book offers a unique perspective of the events that were important to Connie Matuzek.

Overall, Forty Years At Saquish Beach: Our Impossible Dream is a fascinating read that is both engaging and informative. I highly recommend it, especially to those who enjoy house projects, rebuilding, and creating things from scratch.

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