The Crop Duster’s Daughter

The Crop Duster’s Daughter is a heartwarming and enjoyable read. Author Rhonda Colia shares her story and that of her mother with us in this loving memoir. Author Colia shares many fond memories of growing up with her mother and father, starting with Mary Leota Mae Burks, Rhonda’s mother. We learn of her mother’s past, how she became a crop duster, and how her father was a mechanic. We are taken on a timeline of Rhonda’s parent’s life from getting married, having children, starting a career, and divorcing. Then their children grow up, starting their own families, and soon after losing their parents.

I enjoyed reading about Rhonda’s childhood, and I felt her love and admiration for her mother through her words. Her mother was intelligent and determined, and went against all odds, even during tough times.

My favorite part of reading this memoir is when the author shares with readers her memory of waking up at 2 am with her mother to make homemade cake doughnuts. These are the memories that stay with you forever, and this is something Rhonda can pass down to her children. The author included pictures of her family along with a quick description of the image, which was nice to put a face to the names, but I felt like this was very personal and something that the author should’ve shared with just her family. There were times when it was a little hard for me to connect with some of the author’s stories because I did not know her family, and there was much detail included that I felt was not necessary.

The Crop Duster’s Daughter is a beautiful journey into the author’s world and the life that her mom provided for her. The lessons her mom imparted to her daughter have helped shape the woman she is today, and that is a legacy worth telling. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a thoughtful memoir of a family who shares a love for airplanes.

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