The Jackals’ Fall

What could possibly connect a lot boy with an inexperienced marketing executive at a public relations consultancy? A chance meeting between Jay and Horace “Horse” begins to reveal the threads that connect them, starting with Lauren, who was Horse’s former lover and Jay’s current girlfriend. But beyond Lauren, both men are fighting to find their feet in their own ways and seem stuck till Jay puts on his criminal mastermind hat and hashes up a plan that involves kidnapping for ransom. Unfortunately, this foray into crime might be two lost men biting off more than they can chew.

Peter M. Talty’s The Jackals’ Fall is a fictional tale that mirrors the inordinate pursuit of wealth, the rollercoaster ride of love, friendship, and betrayal. It’s great when a writer can take a simple plot and spin an intriguing story around it, and that’s what Peter does in this book.

The Jackals’ Fall is not your typical on-the-edge-of-your-seat or heart-racing thriller; its slow-burn approach heightens the suspense. Readers will find the situations the characters end up in entertaining, creating a compelling story in its own way. From the humorous undertone it starts with to the tragic extreme it swings to, this engaging book delivers what you might consider T.V. material. I love how Peter adopts an accessible, conversational, and free-flowing writing style that sucks you in easily and helps you get through the story quickly. Another place where I feel Peter gets it right is with his character development. This fascinating book is brimming with relatable characters whose lives spotlight particularly familiar tendencies and challenges.

I love how The Jackals’ Fall catches readers off-guard with the disturbing turn of events you wouldn’t have predicted at the start of the story. It’s a perfect reflection of how life can get really messy real quick. This suspenseful book is an entertaining read that crime thriller readers will enjoy from start to finish.

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